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Welcome. You are about to learn about one of the world’s most successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Our program is here for you – whether you are the addicted person or a family member or close friend.

Addiction can be deadly, so addiction recovery must be effective to save a person from harm. The only three outcomes of addiction are prison, sobriety or death. Since you are here, we know that you have your heart set on sobriety. We’re here to help you achieve that goal.

We Understand the Pain of Addiction

It’s not just the addicted person who suffers when addiction is present. The family struggles as well, never wanting to receive that phone call that tells them that the addicted person has had an accident or overdose or been arrested.

This despair and fear can stop when an addiction recovery program effectively replaces the suffering with a productive, enjoyable life. Since 1966, the Narconon program has been providing sobriety for the majority of those who take this path.

The Narconon Program has a Different Philosophy

In the US alone, there are more than ten thousand choices for drug rehabilitation. Many of these programs offer a further course in addictive drugs as a solution: methadone, buprenorphine, Ativan, Xanax or even stronger drugs. The person who wishes in his or her heart only to be free from drugs is trapped in the prescribed use of these medications when it is not necessary. Complete sobriety can be achieved when the correct mechanics of addiction are understood and addressed by a rehab program.

The Narconon rehab program is founded on a completely unique philosophy that results in a much higher success rate than nearly every other program in this field. According to the US Department of Justice, most rehabs average around thirty percent success compared to the much higher success rate of Narconon.

The Basic Narconon Principles

The principles that guide seventy percent of those completing the Narconon drug rehab program to sobriety include:

  • Use drug-free means to ease a person as comfortably as possible through the withdrawal process
  • Lower or even eliminate the intense cravings that can drive a person back into drug use through the use of a detoxification program utilizing time in a sauna, exercise and nutritional supplements
  • Help each person recover their ability to accept personal responsibility for their addiction and the wrong acts committed while abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Restore personal integrity and provide honest relief from guilt
  • Teach how to overcome challenging or upsetting situations so these never again will drive a person back into substance abuse as an escape
  • Take the blinders off about the type of person that could lead one back into substance abuse
  • Provide instruction on how to deal with dangerous personalities when they show up and how to identify safe associates
  • Enable the restoration of healthy relationships with loved ones by building basic life skills in this area
  • Refresh communication skills and perception of the real world to replace the foggy, muddled thinking and covert, deceptive behavior of the addicted

Our Clients Tell Us

Nearly all of our clients have been through other rehab programs – unsuccessfully – before they found us. They tell us that we are different, that we enable them to make personal, mental and spiritual changes that other programs could not attain. These heartfelt changes lead them more securely toward their own lasting sobriety.

Mick, an artist, said: “I liked the idea of the sauna detoxification program that is part of this rehab. And I liked the fact that there weren’t meetings where you talk about what you’ve done. In earlier programs, I found it was possible to be so glib that I got nothing out of the meetings. I learned how to live a drug-free life myself, not from someone else telling me how to do it.”

Tim, an oil field worker, told us: “When I look back at my addiction, I didn’t know if I was lying or telling the truth. I’d go home and nod off because I hadn’t slept in days and my mom would cry and beg me to quit. Now my mom says, “I’ve got Tim back again.’ My recovery here has brought me closer to my God and has made me more of a spiritual person.”

About her family relationships, Kaitlin said: “After burning my younger sister an endless number of times while I was addicted, now she’s proud of me. She recently called me for my advice and that meant a lot to me. My dad finally knows he can trust me now.”

Our Locations

Narconon centers are located throughout the United States, and in over 40 other countries, including Taiwan, Italy, Russia, South Africa, and Australia.

Continental Narconon centers are located in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom and Latin America, providing training and drug rehab services for their regions.

A unique Narconon facility near Ojai, California, has been established specifically to serve the special needs of prominent individuals in the arts and leaders of society.

Narconon Intake Counselors Offer Help

Addiction is a terrible adversary, one that it is very difficult to fight alone. Our intake counselors can help you understand how addiction is constructed. Once you understand how addiction works, you will understand also how it can be defeated. By calling a Narconon Intake Counselor, you’ll be able to learn why most addiction treatment programs fall short and why so many people do not succeed in Twelve Step programs. You can also find out just how the Narconon program achieves its stellar success rate.

There are no instruction manuals on how to return an addicted person to health but a conversation with an Intake Counselor can provide you with a clearer vision of the route to success and lasting sobriety. This alone can reduce your stress and upset and help you make your plans.

Should Your Situation Require Intervention

If your loved one is rejecting help, our Intake Counselors can assist you in locating a professional interventionist that can be the key to getting this person on the way to recovery. All you have to do is ask.

Call today and discover the relief that can result from finding one of the most successful addiction recovery programs in the world.
Saving Lives Since 1966

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