True Rehabilitation from Drug Addiction

When a person truly achieves rehabilitation from drug addiction, life should not be constant struggle against one’s cravings. It should not be necessary to stay in treatment for years, attend endless meetings or take a never-ending prescription that is itself addictive.

The Narconon system of rehabilitation results in clients who have overcome their cravings and who have learned the skills needed to actively pursue a productive, enjoyable life. They are able to get busy with the business of living and don’t need pills or meetings to sustain them. This is rehabilitation, indeed.

A Different Type of Rehab Experience

There are four distinctly separate phases to our long-term rehab program. In each phase, the focus is on repairing the damage done by months, years or decades of drug abuse and restoring the person’s skills in living clean and sober again. A person must learn how to overcome the problems that could potentially drive him or her to escape into drugs again. When a person does not shrink back from life and when he or she knows how to achieve future goals, there is no need for drugs.

Those who have been through multiple rehabs before say that our program offers them something completely different. Our recovery program actually helps them learn how to put together drug-free lives for themselves – it teaches them to stand on their own two feet at last.

You Learn How to Create the Sober Life You Want

Here, you are not told what your problems are or what you should do about them. You get to learn how your own problems are constructed so you can dismantle them yourselves. You have experienced help every step of the way as you build your sober future, in the form of a staff dedicated to your recovery, some of whom have been where you are now.

What we do is give you back your dreams. Yes, you can hold your children in your arms again, see the love in the eyes of your family again. You can win back their trust when they see that your recovery is real.

It is real, it is possible and it happens every day at Narconon drug rehab centers. Find out for yourself. Take your next step toward true rehabilitation today.

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