When a person has strong life skills, they can better maintain their sobriety. For too many people trying to recover from addiction, drug rehab seems to have a “revolving door” – meaning that once they complete rehab, they soon relapse and return to rehab. What families should realize is that a rehab with a high relapse rate simply doesn’t know the secret of enabling a person to create a new sober life for himself. Here’s the secret: When an addiction recovery program helps a person build strong sober living skills, then the individual can successfully manage his (or her) own lasting sobriety. Testimonials from Narconon graduates provide evidence of this fact. Like this one:

The Narconon program has taught me many valuable things I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life to ensure a drug and alcohol-free life. The tools I’ve learned have taught me:

  • How to take full responsibility for my life
  • How to communicate with others 
  • How to focus on the “here and now” rather than constantly live in the past or worry too much about the future.

Life is no longer about my next drink or my next high because I no longer feel the need to escape from anything. I feel 100% healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Simply attending group sessions or taking medications typically prescribed for those in recovery are not enough to build the life skills one needs to make sober choices. Gaining these skills requires that a person heal from the trauma and guilt of the past and then learn the exact skills that will break them free from an addictive mindset.

Like how to choose safe associates and friends. On the Narconon program, one learns how to distinguish an anti-social person from one who will be a safe friend. Many people who turn to drugs or crime often identify an anti-social person as being involved in their lives at the beginning of their problems. Knowing how to deal with such a person is a critically important component to sobriety.

A recovering person also needs to know how to find relief from guilt and the trauma of the past. The practical skills that result in this kind of relief are taught on the Narconon program. It’s very common for those on this program to describe the “weight being lifted from my shoulders” as they complete these steps.

While on the Narconon program, each person studies to gain an understanding of these skills and then puts them to use to improve their lives right in that moment. These skills remain just as valuable after the person leaves rehab. Life is going to require the application of these same skills in the weeks, months and years that follow.

It turns out that helping a person recover the ability to stay sober is no secret at all.  It’s happening every day at some fifty Narconon centers around the world. To learn more, visit our website at http://www.narconon.com.