Our Rehab Counselors

The Narconon program was founded in 1966 by an inmate in the Arizona State Prison. From the very first day, the program components were judged by how many addicted people recovered from the compulsion to abuse drugs or alcohol. Today, the program administered by our rehab counselors is based on the same principle.

This philosophy has resulted in an unusually successful rehab program. When a person goes home after completing the Narconon program, 70% maintain their sobriety, one of the best success rates in the field.

The effectiveness of the Narconon recovery method means that our rehab counselors have the very best and most effective tools to work with. Many of them have been through recovery themselves with the help of this program and have stayed to help others win the battle.

Their experience gives them a deep understanding of the recovering person’s battle. They know how intense cravings can be and how a person in recovery (especially the early stages) may say or do anything just for a chance to get that drug they used to rely on. They also serve as examples that addiction can be left behind for good.

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