nurseImagine putting out a house fire that was caused by candles, only to have it rekindle when the candles are once again lit dangerously. You may put it out again, and it may rekindle again, over and over, time and time again. It seems obvious that in order to successfully and permanently resolve the problem (the fire), one must uncover the root causes for the problem and resolve them as well – in this case eliminating the candles. However, few people understand that the same must be done in resolving the problems of drug abuse and addiction. In order for an addict to actually successfully and permanently take back their life from drugs, they have to uncover and resolve the root cause for their drug use. Without doing so, they may have little hope for anything more than temporary sobriety. Margie, a Registered Nurse who is all-to-familiar with the problems of drug abuse and addiction, recently spoke out on this point – praising the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program for digging deeper and helping individuals truly overcome their addiction problems – permanently.

Fighting the Root Cause Behind Addiction

Margie Spinoza has been a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida for three decades, and well knows the damages caused by drug abuse and addiction. She first became interested in drug rehabilitation when she took a job at a psychiatric facility that contained a small drug rehabilitation treatment unit. Margie found that the most common method of treatment was to simply replace the drug substance being abused with another psychoactive drug substance that could, in turn, lead to further substance abuse problems. She recognized that this seemed to be a dangerous spiral that led nowhere but further down, and she began looking around for more natural solutions to the problems of drug abuse and addiction. Her search led her to discover Narconon.

Margie likes the Narconon approach to the problems of drug abuse and addiction because it doesn’t impress upon people that they are hooked on drugs or that they suffer from an incurable disease for which they have to take further drugs in the form of medication. Instead, the Narconon program focuses on helping each individual find the root cause for why they are taking drugs – what problem they are trying to solve through their drug use – and then helping them address and resolve this cause and all the effects of their drug use so that they can successfully move forward into a better future.

In the sauna detoxification portion of the program, Margie finds a unique method for not only physically detoxifying the body of residual drug substances but also for improving the individual’s mental, emotional and spiritual health – according to student testimonies. Margie is also impressed with how this portion of the program empowers the individual to take responsibility for their own health, and keep track of how they are doing, what they are eating and the supplements they are taking. Margie has seen more than three hundred individuals work through the sauna portion of the Narconon program and she has found that everyone who does go through it and completes it has a life-changing experience. Individuals who come in with an attitude that implies that they know there is something wrong but they don’t know what it is or how to fix it and therefore expect others to step in and “fix” them soon shift their attitude into realizing that they are in charge of their own lives and will receive the support and encouragement they need to build stronger futures. Many times individuals will even reconnect with their spirituality, and reach out to once again participate in faiths they’d long abandoned due to drug abuse and addiction.

Watching individuals take back their lives from drug use, abuse and addiction is nothing short of miraculous. Margie is glad to be one of the many individuals who support this amazing transition that individuals go through on the Narconon program in order to restore themselves back to their normal, natural selves so that they can move forward into stronger, healthier and happier futures.

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