parentsOne of the biggest nightmares for a parent is when their child turns to drug use and becomes addicted. Most parents can’t comprehend exactly how or why this occurs, or what they can do to help their child successfully and permanently recover. In some cases, parents may try to help their child as best they can, before turning their child away because they simply find it too painful to watch helplessly as their child throws their entire life away.

When faced with a drug-addicted child, many parents recognize that their child needs professional help and treatment in order to overcome their drug problems. They often look to rehabilitation treatment as the solution – after all it is the goal of rehabilitation treatment to restore individuals to the ability to live healthy, happy and productive lives. It follows then that in sending their child to rehabilitation treatment, most parents hope for one thing: that their child can be fully restored to the ability to live a healthy, drug-free future. However, it can sometimes happen that a child’s successful recovery is short-lived, plunging the parent back into fear and worry when their child relapses into drug use. There is a very lucky group of parents who know the pure joy of being confident in their child’s full and lasting recovery – they are parents of Narconon graduates.

The Narconon Difference

Parents of Narconon program graduates recently spoke up about their experience with this unique rehabilitation program, and why they are so confident in their child’s full recovery from drug abuse and addiction. From the moment they contacted Narconon, these parents knew that their child and indeed their whole family were in good hands. The Narconon staff were clearly dedicated, compassionate and well-trained professionals who knew what they were doing, and who knew that they could help someone take back control of their life.

When these parents learned about the New Life Detoxification program, and how it could actually help to remove residual drug toxins from the individual’s body in order to clean it out and help reduce or even eliminate the physical cravings that often contribute to relapse, they found that it made sense to them. When they learned that the Narconon program doesn’t end here, they began to feel true hope for their child’s full recovery.

While the elimination of drug substances in the individual’s body can certainly help to boost a parent’s confidence in their child’s recovery, it is the teaching part of the Narconon program that helped to stabilize this confidence. These parents stated that they learned that the Narconon program’s life skills courses help to teach individuals how to be a productive member of society, how to have good ethics and morals, how to communicate well with others and build strong relationships, how to improve conditions in their life and much more. Parents were impressed that Narconon students cannot simply drift through the program to completion, but must actually take responsibility for their life and their recovery, and make the changes necessary to build a successful future. In effect, their child was learning how to live – entirely without drugs.

Where parents had watched their child fail to recover through other drug rehabilitation programs, they feel it was because their child was not being given the tools and skills they needed to embark upon a better life after recovery. Through Narconon, their child not only recovered their life and their health, but also their ability to repair their family relationships and bring their family closer together than ever before.

These parents took a great leap of faith – letting go of their child in order to let someone else help them with their drug abuse and addiction problems. They were rewarded by having the child they felt they had lost to drugs be fully returned to them. They then watched in awe as their child moved back into society as a confident, happy, productive and successful individual. The fact that the Narconon program isn’t just about getting sober is what has driven these parents to feel confident that their children are fully recovered and will never touch drugs again. They have no doubt that their childrens’ lives have been saved and restored to them, something for which their parents are eternally grateful.

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