coupleAn individual who falls into the trap of drug use, abuse and addiction can feel like their entire life has come crashing down around them. They begin to focus their every thought, decision and action on obtaining, using and recovering from drugs, and little else truly matters to them. They may even recognize that drugs are controlling and ruining their life, but they may believe that there is no way to achieve freedom from these substances and they simply suffer forward – assuming death will be the only way out. What they fail to recognize, however, is the effects their drug abuse and addiction are having on others around them – especially their parents.

It could be said that parents suffer even more emotional damages as a result of their child’s drug abuse and addiction problems than their child does. They often wonder how and why their child ended up in drug use in the first place – and where they failed in their duties as a parent that would even allow such a thing to happen. They suffer from constant fear and worry – that time is running out and at any time they may receive the worst possible news. They may feel hopeless to do anything to aid their child in overcoming their problems with drug abuse and addiction, and are therefore immensely grateful when thorough support is provided through a detailed and effective rehabilitation treatment program.

Paving the Road to Recovery

When Robert and Marlene discovered their daughter’s problems with drug addiction they felt certain that unless they did something to help her, she would either die or end up in jail for the rest of her life. They decided that they were entirely unwilling to lose their daughter and they fought long and hard to find a solution. It was a difficult and painful process, but they soon realized they didn’t have to go through it by themselves because Narconon could help.

Robert and Marlene were pleased to discover that the Narconon program was very detailed and thorough. It paved the road to recovery so that the individual would only have to walk it, following the directions given them, in order to make it through to the other side. They feel that this made all the difference in their daughter’s full and successful recovery, and she agrees. While at Narconon she took the time to understand the origins of the program, and she feels it is truly remarkable that such a workable technology was developed and exists to help people address and overcome their problems with drug substances. She offers herself as living proof that it does work – totally and completely.

Robert and Marlene are glad that they never gave up on the hope that their daughter could actually recover from drug addiction and move forward into a healthier, happier life. They came to realize that while she was addicted to drug substances they weren’t actually speaking with their real daughter – she wasn’t in her right state of mind. They were only talking to the drug, and they refused to give in to it. Narconon has proven to them that one only needs to give the individual a chance to take back their life and they will eventually take this chance and move forward. It may take three months, six months, twelve months or even longer, but the time is entirely immaterial when one is considering restoring someone’s ability to live a healthy, happy life. The individual simply needs to gets the drugs out of their system and learn how to build their life again, and then they can move forward. Robert and Marlene know – because their daughter is now very successful in her life, and they are very happy because they finally have their daughter back.

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