womanThe entire process of drug use, abuse and addiction is complex, to say the least, as well as very frustrating. It can be very frustrating for an individual to feel unable to address and resolve the challenges they encounter in life, and it can be very frustrating when drugs no longer seem to take the edge of these challenges, as they once did. One of the most frustrating things a drug addict can experience, however, is the desire to put an end to their drug addiction problems without actually being able to do so. Not only can this be exhausting, it can breed a sort of hopelessness that may make the individual feel as though they have no choice but to continue struggling with addiction for the rest of their lives – however long that may be. When such an individual finally participates in a rehabilitation treatment program that not only empowers them to conclusively end their drug use problems but actually build the foundation for a stronger, better future, they can feel as though they’ve been given a whole new chance at life.

Winning Against Addiction

A recent Narconon graduate took the time to speak out about their struggle with drug addiction and their experience at Narconon. Before arriving at Narconon she had participated in treatment programs at no less than thirteen other facilities, without achieving any sort of lasting success. Regardless of the length or type of treatment she received, she always returned to her drug of choice and the self-destructive behavior that came with it. However, deep down there was nothing she wanted so much as to just get and stay clean.

Over the years, she had lost contact with her family because she was too ashamed and guilty about her situation and she didn’t want them to know the full extent of drug addiction she was suffering from. She isolated herself from everyone and everything she once knew, quite the opposite of how she had been prior to slipping into drug use. This forced her family into a scary world that they were completely unfamiliar with. While she could hardly see the full extent of her own problems, she now recognizes how much her family members were also suffering as a result of her addiction problems.

Finally, after countless arrests and numerous legal problems, her family issued a missing persons report so that they could obtain police help just in locating her. Then, they enrolled her in Narconon – and in doing so, quite literally saved her life. She admits quite readily that she definitely didn’t want to be at Narconon. Her inability to access drug substances made her feel like she had lost her best friend, and left her with intense cravings that were hard to handle. She didn’t even care that during the last couple of days on the street she had been certain that death was imminent. She certainly didn’t care that her family was worried about her and wanted to help her save her life, she simply didn’t want to be there. However, two Narconon staff members spoke with her about her problems and her options and convinced her to stay for at least one night. Little did she know that this would be her first true win against her addiction.

During her first night at Narconon she began to recognize that the staff members had a genuine concern for her well-being – they actually cared about her and about helping her restore the ability to live a happy, healthy and successful future. Seeing this, she made the decision to stay and see what she could get out of the program.

She admits that the program was far from easy. Narconon wouldn’t let her simply sit and talk about her drug use problems, they actually had her work through taking responsibility for her decisions and actions so that she could take responsibility for her future. It was hard for her to admit the things she had done (as opposed to trying to blame her drug problems on someone else) or to own up and take responsibility for her actions after hiding for so long. She realized that she had let herself become affected by everything around her, instead of taking charge and affecting things as she wanted to.

She learned more in the three and a half months she spent at Narconon than she had in all the time she had spent at the prior thirteen rehabilitation treatment facilities. She learned how to face and handle the challenges that arise in life – beginning with the challenges of the Narconon treatment program itself. Luckily, she never had to do it alone. The Narconon staff are wonderful, caring, compassionate individuals who refuse to give up on recovering addicts or let them give up on themselves.

Now that she has graduated from the Narconon program she is happy to say that her life has completely changed for the better. She has built a stronger, healthier relationship with her family, earning their trust, pride and respect. She can look people in the eyes when she speaks with them and meet any challenge she faces head-on, and with certainty that she can overcome it. Her biggest win of all is that she is willing, able and capable to affect changes across any part of her life, big or small, and no longer waits for life or others to affect her. She is running her own business and living a healthy lifestyle using the basic skills she learned at Narconon, and she finally feels as though she is living the life she was always meant to live.

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