crackWhen confronted by an individual who has lost their health, relationships and sanity to drug addiction, many may wonder why they don’t “just quit”. The truth is that the drug addict often wonders this as well – and why they can’t seem to release the stranglehold that drugs have over their every thought, decision and action in life. In order to understand why a drug addict can’t “just quit” and how one can successfully resolve the problem of drug addiction, one must first understand what drugs are and how they affect the individual.

Drugs are chemical substances that interfere with the normal functions of the human body. Individuals who choose to take drug substances are often trying to solve some problem in doing so, whether this problem is innocent curiosity, stress and anxiety or chronic and debilitating physical pain. However, by taking drug substances the individual is essentially trying to solve one problem by introducing another. Drugs cannot solve any of the problems for which they are taken – at best they can simply suppress the undesirable symptoms of these problems for a finite period of time. However, since they do cause the individual to experience some relief, drugs are seen as a workable solution and the individual continues to take them.

Eventually, regular drug use leads into drug tolerance and drug dependence, the conditions wherein the individual no longer experiences the same desirable effects through the same amount of drug use, and feels driven to continue their drug use compulsively no matter the damages caused, because it has become part of their normal functioning. When this occurs, the individual may recognize that drug use is a problem in their life, but they may also be certain that there is no way to receive the help they need to successfully and permanently overcome this problem. Luckily, effective rehabilitation treatment can give them great hope.

Overcoming the Challenges of Crack Addiction

A recent Narconon graduate spoke out about their experience with overcoming the challenges of crack addiction. Before Narconon, crack cocaine had taken over their entire life and controlled everything they thought and did. It was virtually impossible to abstain from the use of this highly potent, addictive and dangerous drug substance for more than a single day. Crack cocaine was the only thing she ever thought of, and it consumed her entirely. She would lie to, steal from and cheat anyone, even those who meant the most to her.

There is no doubt in this individual’s mind that she was walking forward toward certain death. Luckily, her mother never gave up hope that she could recover, and she searched endlessly until she learned about Narconon. Narconon not only saved her life, it empowered her to regain control over her life and her over her actions. Taking a good look at her condition and facing her problems was the hardest thing she has ever done, but she realizes now that it was absolutely necessary to her recovery. It was only through being honest with herself that she was able to finally make a clean break with drug use and establish the firm foundation necessary for a better future.

Now that she has graduated from the Narconon program, this once-dying individual finds that she can look in the mirror and be proud of what she sees. Having achieved her own miraculous recovery she has now decided to give back to others and help fight the war against drug addiction. She is once again a happy, productive individual and she looks forward to the rest of her life, with great thanks to Narconon for all their help.

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