Any person addicted to heroin will tell you that it’s like the addiction itself is making the decisions whether or not to use drugs or how to behave in life, not the individual. While there are some people who can continue funcDrug-user-decisionstioning up to a point, many people completely lose the ability to make rational choices. Their need for the drug overwhelms every other consideration.

A news story from the 7th of January 2016, makes this point tragically clear. Two Ohio parents visited the hospital where their seven-month-old child was being treated. While they were in the child’s hospital room, they both hid in the bathroom to inject heroin. The mother made it out of the bathroom but collapsed and died in the hospital room. The father was found in the locked bathroom and was revived with naloxone.

This story recalls a very similar event from just a month ago. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin in mid-December, an uncle and nephew traveled together from a small Wisconsin town to score heroin in Milwaukee. The uncle overdosed and was hospitalized. During a visit to see his uncle, the nephew locked himself in a bathroom to inject heroin. No one realized he was missing until the uncle, who had checked himself out of the hospital and drove 90 miles, arrived home alone. That’s when a search started for the nephew, who was finally found dead of an overdose in the locked bathroom.

Why Do These Things Happen?

When a person is addicted, the drug they are addicted to is as vital to them as breathing or getting food when they are starving. Some people say when withdrawal begins to kick in, they are simply crazy until they get more of the drug they need. Thus a parent can do something as crazy as overdose on heroin in their child’s hospital room.

Everyone suffers when addiction is this complete. The person’s family wants the best for the addicted person, wishing each day for some glimmer of hope. The addicted person truly has no wish to live that way, no matter what he (or she) says. But the children are helpless at the hands of an addicted person. There are unfortunately too many stories of children going unfed, living in filth or worse yet, being beaten by an intoxicated, anesthetized caretaker. Too many children are permanently injured or killed because of an adult who lost their rational ability due to drug or alcohol abuse.

Parents and other family members often can’t understand why a person doesn’t “just quit” or why they can neglect their children or their own care. It should be understood that it’s like the drugs are making the decisions and the decision is to keep getting and consuming the drug the individual is addicted to.

More Rehab Resources are Needed

To save the addicted, to protect children from harm, to preserve families and alleviate drug-related crime, the vast majority of the addicted need the help of drug rehab to leave drugs behind. But the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals that only about one person in ten gets the rehab help they need.

Why don’t the rest get help? The greatest proportion don’t even go looking for it because they don’t feel they need it. It’s a very sad aspect of addiction that the deadening effect of drugs means that the severely addicted also become deadened to their own conditions.

If you care for someone who is addicted, they may not reach out for help in time to save their own lives or those of their children. little-girlIt may be up to you to intervene with an offer of rehab. There is really no time to waste. Contact Narconon today to learn how the right rehab can offer a lasting sobriety and a better life for the addicted person and everyone who cares for him (or her). Learn more about how the Narconon program can help by visiting Then call us at 1-800-775-8750.