narcnonon freedom center

The Narconon Freedom Center residential facility.

The Narconon Freedom Center has been rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts since 2002, and there is a reason for the success. The Freedom Center takes and innovative approach toward rehabilitation that has helped thousands of former addicts start to live happy and drug-free lives.

This success is due to the fact that the center doesn’t just try to get an addict through withdrawal and then kick him back out onto the street to start using drugs again. Instead, Narconon Freedom Center takes a specialized two-prong approach.

First, the center gets addicts through a real drug detox that involves sweating out the residues and toxins of a lifetime of prior drug use. Once the addict is freed of the imprisoning effects of these chemical substances, Narconon Freedom Center then runs the addict through several life skills courses. These specialized checklists rebuild an addict from the ground up, giving him or her all the skills needed to lead a happy and drug-free life.

What to Expect at Narconon Freedom Center

narconon freedom center lounge

The main lounge area at the facility.

When addicts come to the Freedom Center, they can expect to get an individualized interview to examine exactly what drugs the addict needs to withdraw from. These interviews can also help figure out what life situations the addict was running into that he started using drugs in the first place. Without addressing these underlying life situations, the addict will likely relapse and go back to using drugs soon after rehab. The Freedom Center avoids this by giving students the tools to handle the situations they incorrectly tried to handle with drugs.

Towards the beginning of the program, students start by exercising daily and following a professionally-designed regimen of nutritious food and vitamin supplements. The next key part of the program is spending time sweating out toxins and drug residues in a dry-heat sauna. Students work up to spending several hours in the sauna each day while drinking lots of water. This detox process continues until the addict has been able to remove all the drug residues from his or her body.

Courses For a New Life

Once the addict has detoxed from the previous effects of drugs, it’s time to help him or her start laying the foundation for a new life—one that is free of drugs. By studying the line-up of life skills courses at the Freedom Center, a student can start to figure out why he or she was using drugs in the first place and determine how they can avoid drug use in the future.

A course called Personal Values & Integrity helps addicts figure out how to not continually commit transgressions that continue the cycle of drug abuse. Instead, students can start to build up self-respect and a personal sense of integrity that will help them successfully navigate the potential minefields of post-rehab life.

The Changing Conditions in Life Course helps students spot what actual condition their lives are currently in. Once a student has spotted this, the course gives step-by-step instructions on how to move up out of these conditions to a more successful, happier state of being. With these tools under their belts, students can go out into the world and ensure they never sink back down into an unhappy condition in life.

How to Find Out More 

Rehabilitating a lifetime of drug or alcohol abuse is a steady and thorough process at the Narconon Freedom Center, and it is a highly successful one for addicts that are committed to changing and improving their lives.

If you’re interested in finding out if the Narconon Freedom Center is right for you, call 877-362-9682 or visit

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