Unfortunately, there’s no corner of the world that is entirely free from substance abuse and addiction. That means that there need to be Narconon rehabilitation centers in every part of the world to save addicted lives.

Narconon Arrowhead facility

Currently, we have sixty-five centers in more than forty countries, putting our effective Narconon drug rehab technology within reach for hundreds of millions of people. In the United States, we have centers in the West, South, Midwest and Great Lakes regions.


In appearance, Narconon centers range from rustic, ranch-like facilities to open, airy beachfront properties. The program is the same wherever it is delivered. The emphasis is always on lasting recovery achieved by addressing the main factors that trap a person in addiction: cravings, guilt and depression.

In all our locations, the Narconon program is in-patient, permitting a single focus to one’s activities until sobriety is achieved.

Wherever a facility is located, our experienced staff provide the right atmosphere to bring about the miracle of true recovery – real changes to one’s body, heart, mind and soul that mean that addiction can finally be left behind for good.

Featured Narconon Facilities

Narconon Arrowhead – situated in Canadian, Oklahoma at Arrowhead State Park, this center is the flagship of the Narconon network.

Narconon Freedom Center – located in Albion, Michigan the Freedom Center facility services nearly 100 clients. The facility is located on 10 acres in a quiet rural area.

Narconon Ojai – located in the mountains above Ojai California, this luxury drug rehab center is the most exclusive of the Narconon centers.   The facility services a small number of clients with a high level of privacy, comfort and ammenities.

courtyard of Narconon Ojai rehab facility

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