parentsInitial drug use can seem like quite an innocent thing – a way for an individual to escape from the problems and challenges of their life for at least a little while. However, what few individuals recognize is that drugs can actually deteriorate their normal condition of living so subtly and gradually that before they even recognize what has happened, they have turned over control of their entire life to these drug substances, and entirely depend upon them in order to function at all on a daily basis.

Parents who watch their children succumb to the iron grips of drug abuse and addiction rarely understand exactly what is happening or what can be done to handle it. In addition to fearing for their child’s health and life, parents can wrestle with a variety of powerful emotions, including guilt, anger and hopelessness. It is not unusual for parents to feel that they must’ve failed their child in some way if their child has chosen to turn to drug use, and then they can watch in horror as the child they lovingly raised is essentially taken away from them and replaced by an individual who cares about nothing and no one, least of all himself. When rehabilitation treatment is able to help the individual resolve their problems with drug substances and take back control of their own life, parents often feel as though they have gotten their child back.

Donna and Ed’s Narconon Story

When Donna and Ed first enrolled their son in the Narconon program, they didn’t even recognize him. He certainly wasn’t the son they had lovingly raised over many years, he had changed completely due to his drug abuse and addiction problems. Fortunately, the Narconon program was able to help him change back.

At Narconon, Donna and Ed’s son was able to rid his body of all residual drug toxins and learn the valuable life skills necessary for a healthier, happier future. He learned how to communicate well with others, control his environment and his life, improve conditions and avoid dangerous personalities. Essentially, he learned the exact skills he needs in order to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

Donna knows with complete confidence that her son is fully recovered from drug abuse and addiction, and she would be shocked if he even thought for a second about using drugs ever again. She recognizes the value of the skills that he learned at Narconon, through the help of the wonderful staff. Today, he owns his own business and she knows that he uses the same skills he learned at Narconon to keep his business successful and thriving.

Ed admits that the Narconon program was worth every penny they paid into it, because he finally has his son back. They felt that they had actually lost him entirely for the five or six years he was addicted to drug substances but Narconon helped to bring him back. Ed remembers when he first arrived at Narconon and was greeted by the staff. He didn’t feel that they were actually staff members – he would’ve imagined rigid, authoritarian figures who insisted they knew best. What he found were caring, compassionate individuals who clearly knew exactly what they were doing and were absolutely dedicated to saving the lives of every individual who walked through their doors. Ed is so grateful for what they have done for his son, himself and his family that if he saw those Narconon staff today he would give each and every one of them a heartfelt hug to thank them for helping to save his son’s life.

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