manWhile many individuals may know that drug rehabilitation treatment does exist, few actually understand the exact purpose of this treatment or what it must encompass in order to be successful. Some may feel that rehabilitation treatment is simply a place for an individual to go to abstain from drug use and discuss their feelings, but actually it needs to be so much more.

When an individual turns to drug use, it is because they are seeking to solve some problem that they feel otherwise unable or unwilling to face and resolve. Whether this is mild anxiety or chronic and severe pain, the individual does not have a solution for their problem and determines that drugs may be useful in some way. Actually, drug substances cannot solve any of the problems for which they are taken. What they do provide is a bit of relief by suppressing the symptoms of the individual’s problems. This can drive the individual to continue their drug use until they no longer have any control over it, and must continue compulsively using these substances just to function somewhat normally.

In order to fully recover from drug abuse and addiction, an individual does not simply need to “quit” their drug use. These complex problems have many physical, mental and emotional aspects that must be thoroughly addressed and resolved in order for the individual to fully and permanently recover. The individual will need to uncover the root causes for their initial drug use, and take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. They also need to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, so that they know they don’t need drugs in their future, and they can lead the life they truly desire. An individual who truly understands life and how to live it well is better prepared for the future challenges they may encounter, and is therefore less likely to fall back into the trap of drug use. This is the goal of effective rehabilitation treatment: a restoration of the ability to lead a healthy, happy and productive future that is entirely free from drug substances.

Fifteen Years of Sobriety

A Narconon graduate recently shared his story of drug addiction and recovery, and how his life has dramatically changed and improved thanks to the Narconon program. In October of 1998, he arrived at Narconon and he was very skeptical that anything could actually be done to permanently resolve his drug problems. He had previously participated in a thirty-day treatment program and had been well cared for by professional and sincere staff who were yet unable to help him change his general outlook on like. He didn’t know what to do with his life, what he really wanted for his life, or whether he could even have the life he truly wanted.

At Narconon, this student learned a lot about himself, others and life in general. The more he learned, the better he understood what had occurred in his past and what he would have to do in order to live a better future. By the time he graduated from the program he not only knew exactly what he wanted in his life, but he also knew exactly what he would have to do to get it. Today he has a fantastic career, a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. He now knows without any doubt that drug addiction can be successfully and fully overcome, and that the Narconon program can show an individual exactly how to take back control of their life and make it whatever they want.

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