manBrad’s story of drug abuse and addiction began when he was in high school. He started using drugs because it seemed that everyone else around him was also using drugs. It seemed fun to him at first – something that brought him together with his peers and created pleasurable sensations and memories. However, it soon began to take a toll on his life and his activities. Eventually he couldn’t even show up to school on time and he started missing football practice on a regular basis. He somehow still managed to gain a scholarship to go play college football, and Brad truly thought that this would fix everything for him. He was under the impression that moving away from his life and his problems would help put them in his past, but it didn’t. In fact, his problems only got steadily worse.

Brad began abusing pain medications while in college, and it eventually destroyed his life so thoroughly that he had to quit the football team. Everything around him and in his life began to fall apart and he recognized that something had to be done before it was too late. He enrolled in one rehabilitation treatment facility after another until he finally realized that he had attended at least six or seven programs and still things weren’t improving. These programs helped him to achieve and maintain his sobriety for as long as he was in them, but as soon as he got out things would fall apart and he’d return to his drug and alcohol use. His main source of addiction were pain medications like OxyContin, but he would also abuse heroin and just about any other drug substance placed before him.

Finding Real Recovery

Brad’s brother participated in the Narconon rehabilitation treatment program and went on to join staff in order to help others also overcome their drug abuse and addiction problems. Brad noticed that he was doing very well, he seemed happy, and things were coming together nicely for him, and he decided that the solution that had worked so well for his brother was worth trying for himself. He is now very glad he did.

Brad began the Narconon program with the sauna detoxification portion. Prior to this, he was physically and mentally unwell due to the drug toxins that had remained in his body. He had constant drug cravings, he wasn’t sleeping well or eating correctly and he was in a constant mental fog that made it difficult to face the world around him. Brad was on the sauna detoxification program for thirty days, and toward the end he realized that he was finally sleeping well and he was interested in eating correctly. He had a wonderful sense of physical well-being, and felt almost as though someone had turned up the brightness in his life. Everything around him seemed to be suddenly more vibrant, alive and colorful, and he could perceive things differently without the barrier of a mental fog overshadowing everything.

Moving on from the sauna detoxification portion of his program, Brad began the life skills portion of his Narconon program. He feels that this portion is the true meat of the program, as it gave him the tools he needed in order to make a better life for himself by making the choices that lead to happiness and success. He now understands how he can set and achieve his goals, and how he can make things happen. He found this portion of his recovery especially empowering as he rebuilt a strong sense of self-confidence and learned important things about himself and the world around him. It seemed that these basic skills were things everyone should know, but can lose sight of when they turn over control of their life to drugs.

Now that he’s completed the Narconon program, Brad openly admits that he hasn’t been this happy in a very long time. What he likes most is the knowledge that his happiness is entirely sustainable. He doesn’t need to take something every day in order to make it by, he knows he just has to make the right choices. He is aware of the fact that the bad choices are still out there, and that he could go do drugs or drink alcohol if he wanted to, but the difference is that he doesn’t want to anymore. The Narconon program has enabled him to face the problems in his life appropriately. It’s a good feeling – knowing that he can live his life and achieve his goals and make the best of everything that comes his way.

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