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Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that affects over 23.5 million people in the world. The societal costs of the problem total $468 billon and the number of deaths outnumber many other causes in the United States.

With all of that said a mystery remains as to why a person ends up addicted to drugs or alcohol. Here are the most common reasons.

Why People Use Drugs And Alcohol

1. Depression

When someone slips into a deep depression there can be many reasons for this. An individual can be dealing with depression for a while or it may be something new. As a result they often won’t want to talk to people about it and get help, they’ll become very closed off and feel alone, they might have trust issues and they just desperately want to find something that will take the pain away, make them think of something else so quite easily and quickly they might turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication.

Typically they realize that it really isn’t fixing their problems when it’s far too late for them to stop.

2. Stress

Group Of Teenagers Drinking Alcohol


Stress, whether it’s because of work or a relationship or maybe between a friendship stress can pile up rapidly over time and become so intense that the person is left not knowing what to do.

Most times they end up turning to alcohol and drugs because of this. I can be brought on by friends or family members, a job or even financial issues. They’ll start drinking more and more and possibly let go of all their responsibilities further more; only making things worse.

3. Loss Of A Job

In this day and age, in this economy finding work isn’t the easiest thing to do, for some people it takes months and months of looking. When someone gets laid off they might get slightly depressed, angry, annoyed, frustrated and a bit lost because they don’t know what they are going to do to pay the bills anymore.

They go out one night to just let loose and forget about their problems and that one time turns into another followed by another and then another. It slowly but surely becomes a never ending cycle until they get help.

4. Loss Of A Loved One

Whether the person passed away, left them or moved away loosing someone you love hurts.

Sometimes letting go is the hardest part about it, letting go of all the memories and times you and that person shared. It isn’t easy in the slightest and some people are too scared to talk about it to other people and don’t know what other way to deal other then turning to drugs and alcohol. As a temporary solution these substances may numb the pain but they do not every handle the feelings of loss or make them not so severe.

5. Peer Pressure

It is so easy to get hooked to any type of drug or alcohol when you’re hanging out with people who are constantly edging you to try it and make fun of you for not doing it. At first most people will say no but somewhere along the line they may give in. That’s where the trouble begins.

After just a few tries a person can get hooked to where they are unable to stop using.

Drug and alcohol addiction can start innocently enough from the issues above and even others. Once a person is trapped in the problem it is difficult, and even impossible to recover without professional help.