successDrug use can bring an individual to a point where they have no control over their life – and it can make them feel hopeless about ever taking back control of their life. If all individuals knew that this is what happens with drug use, it is safe to say that many individuals would wisely choose to abstain from drug use indefinitely. However, the truth is that drugs are often presented in quite a different way and they appeal to individuals for a variety of reasons.

It is no secret that life is full of ups and downs, successes and challenges. It is how the individual handles the more challenging parts of their life that can help determine their overall success and happiness. An individual who chooses drug substances to handle their problems and difficulties is stepping onto a very dangerous and very slippery path, and one that brings about far more problems and difficulties than the ones they are seeking to escape from.

Drugs are chemical substances that affect changes in the user by interfering with the normal functions of the human body. This normally causes a suppression of undesirable sensations as well as a stimulation of desirable sensations, which provides the individual with relief. Unfortunately, these desirable effects are only temporary, which forces the individual to continue taking drug substances in order to continue experiencing relief. And this is where the individual gets into trouble.

After the individual has consumed drug substances for some time, they will notice that they have grown to tolerate these substances and don’t experience the same desirable effects with the same amount of drug use. Since drugs are their only solution for their life troubles, drug tolerance can cause the individual to increase their drug intake, or perhaps even switch to more potent substances. Eventually, the individual grows to depend upon the continued use of these substances in order to function normally in their life. This is drug dependence, and marks the point at which the individual no longer has any control over their life or actions. Without help, they can feel quite hopeless about ever ending their drug use.

Rebuilding a Successful Life

Before Ed came to Narconon he was a hopeless alcoholic, with no control over his decisions or actions. He was at a complete loss about what he was going to do with his empty shell of a life, and every single day seemed to bring nothing but more misery. He was in complete denial about his inability to function well, and about the many damages he had caused for self and others. He had essentially given up all hope, and was simply drinking himself into oblivion.

Ed was admittedly very skeptical when he first arrived at Narconon. He didn’t know what to expect, and was wary of being hopeful about a better future. He was very unhappy, reluctant to believe that any change was possible and certain that success was entirely impossible. Luckily, Narconon changed his entire outlook.

At Narconon, Ed learned invaluable tools that allowed him to not only achieve full sobriety, but also to maintain it long into the future. He has been given a second chance, and the power to make the decisions that will improve himself and his life. He is now proud to be a contributing member of society, and has successfully restored loving relationships with his family members. He is very thankful to the Narconon program and to the staff who have succeeded in helping him save his own life and establish the foundation necessary for a much better future.

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