Finding Lasting Sobriety after Alcoholism

It doesn’t make headline news, but alcoholism is pervasive around the world. Those who live with someone who struggles with drinking know just how much alcoholism can change a person. Entire families are affected when one person loses the battle with the bottle.

A person trying to reclaim his (or her) life back from alcoholism may go to rehab after rehab, never really overcoming the cravings for alcohol. Maybe they get some sober time but a setback may reverse this shaky sobriety.

Without addressing the root causes of that addiction, alcoholism may be a constant companion. But it no longer has to be that way.

The Narconon Way of Recovery from Alcoholism

The philosophy behind our system of rehabilitation includes helping a person overcome their intense cravings for alcohol, repairing the damage done to their self-respect and integrity, and teaching them how to fix the problems in their own lives. Then a person is strengthened and more able to live a productive, enjoyable life without relying on alcohol for escape or oblivion.

Cravings are addressed through an in-depth detoxification phase. This phase uses exercise, an exact program of nutritional supplementation and time in a sauna to activate the body’s own ability to wash away toxic residues that remain in the body after drinking or abusing drugs. Thinking stops being muddy and confused. Some people say that they are able to think clearly for the first time in years.

Gaining the Skill to Live Sober

Each person who wishes to achieve a new sober life must gain the ability to protect that sobriety. These abilities are learned during the life skills phase of our program. Each person learns how to detect those people who threaten one’s sobriety and how to deal with them. It’s also essential to learn how to regain and keep one’s personal integrity, no matter what happens in life.

Through these changes and many others, each person progressing through our holistic program can find stable, lasting sobriety at last. Many people who have tried other rehabs found that this program finally gave them what they were looking for. Without medications, endless meetings or confrontational encounters, they found their own inner ability to live a satisfying, sober life.

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