Admissions to Narconon

When a family is trying to save the life of a loved one addicted to alcohol or drugs, it’s usually a desperate time. They know that any day could bring an arrest, overdose or accident. A solution must be found before the damage is permanent.

It’s hard to know how to work one’s way through all the choices and decisions. But that is what Narconon Intake Counselors are there for. Families need to understand the nature of the problem better so they can see what their best courses of action are. The rock bottom basic is that when addiction is the problem, the best answer is the most effective rehab you can find – and that means finding a program with the highest success rate.

Narconon Intake Counselors can explain what the obstacles to recovery really are and why addiction is such a difficult problem to handle. They’ll also tell you how addiction can be conquered and why you don’t have to consider that addiction is a “chronic, relapsing disease” like some drug rehab centers tell you.

If you have a situation where the addicted person refuses help, a Narconon Intake Counselor can help you locate a professional interventionist who will work in your area. Interventionists are experienced in helping an addicted person find their own desire to be sober again, no matter how deeply it is buried.

Help with Insurance and Financing

Many Narconon addiction recovery centers accept medical insurance to help with the cost of rehabilitation. Narconon staff can help you find out from your insurance carrier or medical loan providers what financial assistance might be available to you. Please contact the Narconon Intake Counselors to find out how to start this process.

Once your loved one has walked through the doors of a Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center and is on their way to sobriety once again, you can have your best night’s sleep in years, knowing they are finally safe. With the high success rate of the Narconon program, you have just found your best chance at achieving lasting sobriety for this person who is so dear to your heart.

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